HOC’s Enterprise Platform for Integrated Compliance (aka EPIC)
is a mission-critical, enterprise-wide, modular technology platform.

Ready to Make it EPIC?

Accelerating Business Evolution Through the Power of Data & Automation

Enterprise-Wide Systems Integration

Integrate with disparate enterprise-wide systems (ERP, Transaction, Third-Party)

Data Consolidation & Archival

Consolidate data from multiple sources and maintain a single version of the truth

Reporting in Multiple Formats

Enable various types of user-driven reporting for operational, financial and compliance reporting

Business Rules &

Accommodate future changes in rules, validations, data structures, reporting and processes

A P I DATA INTERFACE MODULE REPORTING ENGINE BUSINESS RULES & MAPPING CONTROLS BATCH EXECUTION & SCHEDULING Financial Reporting Accounting Close Management SEC Disclosures Trading & Regulatory Compliance Monitoring Credit Risk Custom Apps BI Reporting CONTROLS EPIC's exception reporting, custom validations, audit trails, and user permissions helps maintain data integrity across your organization. EPIC's powerful Notification layer is a proven champion at keeping users abreast with the latest bit of system info or actionable items. BATCHEXECUTION &SCHEDULING EPIC allows you to encapsulate all complex processes into a single batch, which could be executed by the click of a button! The built-in scheduler allows you to schedule batch executions, thus making the reports available to you with the latest data. BUSINESSRULES & MAPPING With the combined power of a Rules Engine, a Mapping Layer and a Business Layer - EPIC can handle a broad spectrum of business processes encountered by the modern Enterprise. DATA INTERFACEMODULE EPIC enables you to connect to enterprise- wide data faster and easier. Integrate with disparate source systems and user inputs to create an accurate and always up-to-date single version of the truth. REPORTING ENGINE Easily create powerful and stunning reports Tight integration with Tableau or MS Power BI provides unparalleled insight into your business. EPIC integrates seamlessly with downstream systems and passes the data baton in their native format.

Natural Language Query

Harness the transformative capabilities of NLQ to effortlessly turn them into actionable insights, elevate decision-making processes by unlocking data’s full potential and advance business with informed strategies using its robust solutions.

Plug n Play Apps

Purpose-built apps to support critical business functions from day one.

Consolidate and archive critical data in one secure location to create and maintain a single version of the truth.

Unify data and business reporting packages to eliminate enterprise-wide workflow redundancies.

Built-in customization modules allow stakeholders to modify processes and manage rules directly from the GUI.

Gain greater accuracy, transparency, and reliability with the resources to capture field-level audits and data changes.

Ensure a holistic level of data accuracy with built-in custom exception handling and validations.

Create custom monitoring rules using our integrated rules engine to capture timely violations.

Tech Stack

  • Flexible template-based reporting using Excel. Support numerous reporting formats: CSV, PDF, JSON, XML and more. 
  • Integration with Microsoft Power BI, Tableau and others.
  • Easy integration with scheduling systems.
  • Using OpenXML makes EPIC independent from MS Excel.
  • HTML 5, CSS, Bootstrap, Angular Framework, DevExpress Components, Draw2D Library
  • Web Services
  • Files (flat, XML, CSV, Excel and others)
  • Configurable Data Archival
  • Hosting Options:
    -On-premises AWS
    -Private instance on client’s cloud AWS
    -Independent instance managed by HOC
  • ASP. NET Core
  • MVC Core Framework Web API
  • Entity Framework
  • Web Server Microsoft IIS 
  • Robust user security and roles module
  • Single sign-on using Windows authentication
  • Customizable security profiles integration with third-party security platforms
  • Comprehensive audit layer
  • Microsoft SQL Server 
  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)


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