Natural Language Query

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In today’s data-driven business landscape, gaining insights from complex datasets has typically required specialized skills like SQL or dashboard navigation. Natural Language Query (NLQ) revolutionizes this process by enabling everyone to interact with data using everyday language. NLQ simplifies querying, providing actionable insights without the need for technical expertise, making data analytics accessible to all.

NLQ operates as a data search engine, delivering swift and accurate results without the need for traditional keyword searches. Unlike typing each keyword separately, NLQ allows you to use natural language phrases, making data retrieval intuitive and efficient. For instance, you can inquire about “2022’s borrowings by counterparty” and swiftly obtain results in charts, graphs, or numbers.

Show summary revenue comparison for year ending 2022 versus 2023 the top 5 products in terms of sales the sales for Jane in Q4 of 2022

Key Features

Natural Language Interface

Allows users to interact with databases and systems using everyday language, without formal training in query languages.

Understanding Context

Understands the meaning behind user queries, considering context, intent, and nuances in language to provide accurate responses.

Query Simplification

Translates complex data questions into structured queries, sparing users the need to master complex query languages.

Instant Responses

Provides real-time responses, offering immediate insights without the need for users to wait for data retrieval and analysis.


Broadens data analysis accessibility, reducing dependency on specialists and empowering diverse teams to independently extract insights.

Unstructured Data Handling

Also handles unstructured data (via conversion layer), empowering users to query and gain insights from a variety of data sources.

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Guided Natural Language Query (NLQ) makes data analysis more user-friendly by enabling users to pose queries using natural language queries in their own words, eliminating complex query languages in favor of simply typing their questions for interpretation by this tool which then returns relevant answers. By breaking down technical jargon and intricate commands into digestible commands that users can engage with directly on their terms – data becomes accessible and user friendly!

For instance, if you want to inquire into a particular salesperson’s sales figures from last quarter, NLQ provides filters (like date ranges ) which enable you to refine and provide useful answers.

Harness the transformative capabilities of NLQ to effortlessly turn them into actionable insights, elevate decision-making processes by unlocking data’s full potential and advance business with informed strategies using its robust solutions. Experience this impact first-hand: schedule a demo now to explore its dynamic world and begin moving toward an insightful data-driven future for your organization.

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