Professional Services

Partnering with you to understand your process & develop solutions around it.

We create tailored solutions to meet your needs today for a profitable tomorrow.

For 20 years, HOC has provided consulting services, helping enterprise leaders transform their businesses. With a strong background in technological and financial services, we incorporate innovative technologies into existing workflows. Our team of experts evaluates clients’ current processes and redesigns them for efficiency. Enhancing their company’s value by applying powerful insights combined with practical experience.  HOC understands the specific challenges faced by organizations in their digital transformation journey. 

Tech & Product Consulting

When our consultants join forces with your business and IT teams, what once was manual and tedious becomes effortless and efficient. The result is a customized, streamlined version of your process that saves you time and money.  HOC’s consulting services possess a strong track record with Fortune 500 companies from delivering integrated strategies and domain expertise to data insights.  When necessary, we deploy our financial data intelligence solution, integrating EPIC to either automate the whole process—from beginning to end—or parts of your process that other solutions don’t address. Our goal is to provide reliable, flexible processes that adapt to fast-paced markets and shifting regulations. You’ll benefit from brainstorming with our consultants as we collaborate to gather specific requirements.  Our services also include end-to-end system implementation, risk reporting, auditing and testing new implementation packages, systems administration, change management and production support.  
Our Expertise Includes

End-to-End System



Workflow Impact

Business Process

Robotic Process
Automation (RPA)

Interface Development
& Testing

Auditing & Testing New
Implementation Packages

Systems Administration, Change Management
Production Support

ETRM Solutioning

Our team of experts specializes in a range of ETRM systems, including compliance and data management solutions, trading and clearing platforms, forecasting and analytical tools and interfaces with the market. We customize our work to meet the specific needs of each client’s business requirements. We’re proud to have our consultants deliver a wide range of end-to-end programs, including new implementations of an ETRM system, migration from one ETRM system to another, re-implementation of an existing implementation to reflect a “new business” and major system upgrades, including technical and functional upgrades of the most up-to-date versions.

Our Expertise Includes

Trade templates and TRM GUI rules setup

Security and user management

Setup scheduled process using custom scripts

System architecture, design and development

Managing the Gas & Power Nomination Process

AIF configurations and route setup

First and second level business support

Trade reporting to the regulatory authorities

Trade import process from ICE and other exchanges via AIF

TXM Model (to handle external trade valuations)

Setup related to market, price set, prices, price formulas, commissions and data mapping

Product Consulting

HOC’s flagship product EPIC can be deployed to design solutions for a variety of process automations. To tap the untapped potential of the product, HOC deploys its consultants who sit with their clients to understand their current process, brainstorm to streamline it, and eventually automate it using EPIC. Several clients have benefitted from having our consultants join hands with their business and IT teams to automate their manual processes in EPIC.

Our Expertise Includes

Client process understanding

Gathering requirements

Process improvements

Process automation in EPIC

System integration

Process configuration

End-to-end system implementation

Risk reporting

Auditing and testing new implementation packages

Systems administration, change management and production support

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