Exchange Limits Monitoring (ELM)

Real-time monitoring using the power of EPIC.

The commodity exchanges like ICE, CME, Nodal and others similar to them,  establish different limits for each contract, based on the trading volume. Monitoring position limits in real-time presents challenges for most trading firms. Exchange limits are monitored within a “Spot Month”, “Prompt Month,” “Any Month” and “All Months” time frame, with a given exchange publishing trading limit based on the number of contracts or lots. Breaching any one of these limits could result in penalties or sanctions. 

Monitoring at Your Fingertips

Dashboard view and charts provide a near real-time look at all limit violations, including:

  • Exchange Position Limits such as CME and ICE
  • Internal Position Limits
  • MiFID II Position Limits

Users access information through intuitive visualizations via browsers, mobile, tablet, and BI tools. Compliance officers can click on a position and instantly get all the required info to take action.


EPIC can serve as a repository for all your position limits exemption requests filed with the exchanges. You can save the exemption request copies in electronic format within EPIC for future reference. The app automatically adjusts the position limits based on all approved exemptions and applies the new limits for the duration of the exemption only.

Transaction-Level Drill Down

EPIC consolidates your data and reports it in a secure centralized database, so you can track and communicate position limit violations with real-time accuracy. Built-in intelligent data tagging gives you the ability to drill into the data and get the full story for in-the-moment decision-making.

Other Features

Data-Level Security

Product Level Threshold Limits

Email and On-Screen Notifications

Support for Aggregate Limits

Diminishing Balance Contract Support

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