Enhancing Alteryx processes through the EPIC framework

The Challenge

Our client is facing significant challenges with the current process of automating journal posting from Alteryx to the ERP system. This process involves a multitude of manual steps, starting from data extraction from Alteryx to final data export in a format compatible with the ERP.  Complexity arises from data cleansing, transformation, enrichment, calculations, mappings, validations, applying the rules, error resolution, to mention a few. These manual interventions not only result in delays but also increase the risk of errors, impacting the accuracy of financial reporting and potentially leading to compliance issues.

The lack of automation not only hampers efficiency but also limits scalability, making it challenging to handle growing data volumes effectively. Therefore, there is a critical need to streamline and automate this entire process using Alteryx to ensure seamless integration with the ERP system. This automation initiative aims to reduce operational overheads, improve data accuracy, and enhance overall productivity and decision-making capabilities for our client.

The Solution

EPIC’s (Enterprise Platform for Integrated Compliance) unique capabilities streamline the journal posting process by efficiently overcoming challenges throughout. Its robust data handler effortlessly gathers data from Alteryx, as an Excel input or database pulls. The mapping information maintained in EPIC serves as the foundation for conducting the mapping process, ensuring seamless integration between data sources and the ERP system.

This processed data is then displayed in an intuitive interface, where users can review and mark them for approvals. Upon receiving approval, records are instantly formatted and smoothly integrated into the ERP system. EPIC immediately confirms the success of postings. The entire data prepared and posted data gets archived for future access and use in downstream processes or reporting.

The Result

EPIC delivers substantial results in journal posting automation. It efficiently gathers data from Alteryx, Excel, or databases, ensuring seamless integration with ERP systems. The system’s intuitive interface streamlines review and approval processes, promoting accuracy and efficiency. With robust archival and auditing features, EPIC enables comprehensive future reference and regulatory compliance. Overall, EPIC optimizes workflows, enhances data accuracy, and improves operational control for organizations.

Outcomes & Benefits

  • Automatically fetch data from Alteryx with precision and efficiency.
  • Apply mappings to source data seamlessly and accurately through automation.
  • A robust review and approval mechanism, supporting a maker-checker process for enhanced accuracy.
  • Comprehensive future reference and traceability by auditing and maintaining all edits within EPIC.
  • Generate relevant notifications based on specific events to ensure timely actions.
  • Secure archiving of both source and processed data within EPIC’s database for future retrieval and downstream reporting.
  • Controlled and limited access to the approval process to ensure only authorized users can approve postings.

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