Setting up a configurable wash trade detection process

The Challenge

A growing organization has inherent challenges in reacting to business changes, evolving risks, and new opportunities while continuing to stay aligned with its business vision. An increase in trading activity poses additional risks that traders do putting the organization at risk. Capturing entire day’s trades, filtering, and comparing them to identify wash trades gets increasingly difficult, eventually resulting in a lapse. Being a manpower-intensive task, the reports cannot be available before the next day’s trading starts.

There needs to be a solution that can:

  • Consolidate data from respective sources efficiently
  • Have configurable parameters for matching wash trades
  • The report should be available before the start of the next business day
  • Possibility of identifying exact, tolerance and potential wash trades
  • Report violations in a timely fashion with a suitable notification mechanism
  • Reduce operational risk and improve resource utilization

The Solution

The desired approach was to provide a solution that can handle wash trades detection along with other common compliance rules. The ideal solution boiled down to ePic to easily connect to upstream and downstream data sources and model their business processes in the platform. ePic automatically fetches daily trades data, applies the rule, tags wash trades, and generates the report before the start of the business day.

With a defined mechanism in place, the firm was now able to tackle multiple business challenges like:

Outcomes and Benefits