Broker Reconciliation App

Comprehensive Reconciliation of Broker Positions, Price, Margin and Fees

Current Business Challenges

ePic addresses the most challenging obstacles faced by businesses today such as:

Top Day Trade Reconciliation

The Broker Reconciliation app allows users to run intraday trade reconciliations to ensure there are no errors in trade entry

  • Capture today’s trades from the customer’s trade capture system, and automatically align them with the trades downloaded from Brokers
  • Reconcile the trades across a user-defined set of attributes and tag the trades which show a mismatch
  • Easily drill down to the trades for more in-depth analysis
  • Easily maintain the master list of exchange products being traded in the portfolio

End-of-day Position Reconciliation

The end-of-day open positions reconciliation feature in RPM’s Broker Reconciliation app seamlessly identifies breaks in the total open positions across all exchange-traded products

  • Automatically aggregate all open trades across multiple broker accounts and reconcile with the open positions information downloaded from brokers
  • Identify gaps in the errors as well as the marks against the values reported by brokers
  • Archive reconciliation results for trend analysis
  • Easy drill-down to the trade level details – on data captured from customer’s own trade capture system as well as the data downloaded from brokers
  • Generate Excel-based reports which allow users to further analyze the breaks
  • Timely report availability, at the start of the business day

Broker Fee Reconciliation

The Broker Reconciliation app comes with a powerful fee calculation and reconciliation feature. Customers can independently verify the fees charged by brokers before paying them

Margin Reconciliation

Get a comprehensive toolkit to calculate initial and maintenance margins using the Standard Portfolio Analysis of Risk (SPAN) margin system. The Broker Tool provides user-friendly front-end access to the SPAN margin system provided by CME and ICE.

  • Built-in wrapper around the SPAN margin calculators provided by ICE and CME
  • Out-of-box connectivity to ICE and CME Risk Arrays ISO monthly billing JE
  • Easy maintenance of SPAN settings using the intuitive settings panel in the Broker Reconciliation app
  • Automatically determine when positions roll-off based on contract expiration dates which are defined by an exchange holiday calendar and a date rule, usually articulated verbally in exchange rules.
  • In addition to the Initial and Maintenance margin, the app also computes Open Trade Equity, Net Option Value and Margin Excess

Other Features

Easy integration with powerful business intelligence tools like Tableau and Power BI

Intuitive Mappings UI

Easy Maintenance of SPAN settings using the intuitive settings panel of apps

Trend analysis of open positions and margin across all FCM accounts and exchanges

Re-run reconciliation post trades are finalized in trade capture system to resolve exceptions