ePic Apps

ePic (Enterprise Platform for Integrated Compliance) is a single code base platform with purpose-built Apps to automate finance and business processes. There are existing out-of-the-box Apps and the capability to develop custom-built Apps for specific business needs.


At the core, apps use ePic’s underlying modules to pull data from external systems, process it, and generate consumable outputs.

Processed data is presented in tabs suited to the purpose in the Apps.

Access control is managed from ePic's centralized security module.

Benefits of Apps

Integrated with ePic platform

Create custom Apps

Centralized Security management

Subscribe to individual Apps

Ease of deployment

Frequent upgrades


ePic is designed to scale as per the client’s specific needs. The ready-to-use apps can be used as-it-is or can be customized as needed.

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ELM (Exchange Limits Monitoring)

Monitoring exchange position limits presents challenges for most trading firms as it involves maintaining limits, gathering trade data, calculating lots and applying rules. The ELM App enables near real-time monitoring of positions with visual representation of positions, threshold and breaches


  • Real-time monitoring of ICE, CME, and Nodal Exchange positions on a single screen
  • Dashboard view and charts provide a near real-time view of all limit violations
  • Enables drill-down to the trade level
  • Built-in Exemption Manager
  • User-defined threshold limits per product
  • Export all or selected positions to excel with trade-level details
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Broker App

The ready-to-use Broker App does majority of heavy-lifting needed by business to get the necessary reports. The app has undergone several iterations and is also in use with our clients in a production environment. This makes it a reliable solution to adopt. Here are some highlights:

  • Connects to broker portals and aggregates the information in one place
  • Reconciles intra-day and end-of-day trade attributes with positions in internal trade capture systems to those reported by Brokers
  • Calculates and reconcile Broker Fees. The app reconciles multiple categories of fees with brokers and can add more as needed.
  • Calculating the Initial and Maintenance margin using the SPAN tools provided by ICE and CME and verifying the Broker invoices
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CPM (Credit Process Manager)

The CPM (Credit Process Manager) App is a collection of logically grouped modules that helps businesses to make complex credit decisions. It’s a complete credit onboarding and adjudication automation solution that increases transparency and saves time.


  • Get more control on the Credit Adjudication of External Entities across the Enterprise
  • Manage all your Contingent and Non-Contingent Collateral
  • Automate your Bilateral and FCM Margin workflows
  • Create and apply your own Credit Risk Models
  • Inclusive Credit Risk Management. Connect to all data sources to make an informed decision
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence
  • Interfacing capabilities with internal systems such as SAP, Siebel, etc.
  • Inbuilt capability to manage contracts, parental guarantees, and surety bonds
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ARO (Asset Retirement Obligation)

The ARO (Asset Retirement Obligation) App makes it simple for you by providing a reliable, auditable, and repeatable solution to your FASB 143 reporting requirements in a secure SQL Server database. AROs should be included in a company's financial statement to present a more accurate and holistic snapshot of the enterprise's overall value.


  • Initial ARO / ARC and Data Upload : Allows easy data load into the system. The intuitive UI allows users to create ARO scenarios within minutes, ensuring all relevant information is entered (with audit trail and access control)
  • Subsequent ARO Measurements and Layering : ePic allows creating Layers for individual assets to measure changes in the liability due to the passage of time. Also allows handling incremental changes to variables with cost fluctuations decrease due to economic factors or expected life changes
  • Accounting Automation : ePic leverages its powerful reporting and data interfacing layers to achieve accounting close automation around your ARO liability
  • Other Features
    • Layer locking with one-time passwords
    • Periodic settlements and retirements
    • Sensitivity analysis (What-if?)
    • User-defined ARO cost categories & asset types
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