HOC’s Enterprise Platform for Integrated Compliance, or ePic, is a mission-critical, enterprise-wide modular technology platform.

ePic allows the versatility needed in the industry today

Enterprise-wide Systems Integration

Integrates with disparate enterprise-wide systems (ERP, Transaction, other external)

Data Consolidation & Archival

Consolidates data from multiple sources (maintain single version of truth)

Configurable Business Rules

Allows for modeling and automation of data transformation

Reporting in Multiple Formats

Enables various types of user-driven financial and compliance reporting

Special Purpose Apps

Accommodates future changes in rules, data structures, reporting and processes

How can ePic help solve today’s Enterprise challenges




Data resides in multiple systems and in silos

ePic can consolidate all your relevant data and archive it to create a single version of truth

Data sharing and reporting is inefficient across the enterprise

ePic can help remove redundancies in processes by consolidating the data, business and reporting packages across multiple teams

Business processes are rigid and difficult to change

ePic is designed from the ground up to allow stakeholders to modify processes and manage rules right from the GUI

Lack of transparency and audit

ePic allows you to capture field-level audit, as well as have a track record of how your data changed

Reporting errors and lack of accuracy

ePic allows you to have custom exception handling and validations to ensure complete accuracy

Increased regulatory & compliance risk

The Rules engine in ePic allows you to create custom monitoring rules to capture violations early

Tech Stack

Web Server

Microsoft IIS 7.5 or higher


HTML 5 / CSS 3 / Bootstrap 3
Angular 5.0 Framework
DevExpress Components
Draw2D library

Middle tier

ASP.NET Core 1.0
MVC Core Framework
Entity Framework 6


Microsoft SQL Server 2016 or higher


AWS (Private instance on client’s cloud)
AWS (Hosted, independent instance managed by HOC)

Reporting & BI

Flexible template-based reporting using Excel
Support numerous reporting formats, like CSV, PDF, JSON, XML, etc.
Integration with Microsoft Power BI and Tableau

Data Interfacing

Web Services
Files (flat, XML, CSV, Excel, etc.)


SOX-compliant user security and roles module
Single-sing-on using Windows authentication
Customizable security profiles
Integration with third-party security platforms


Web-based user guides and desktop procedures accessible to users within the application
Ticket management system accessible to the clients
Various support tiers, with options to have dedicated account managers and support staff


Configurable data archival
Comprehensive audit layer
Easy integration with scheduling systems
Using OpenXML makes ePic independent from MS Excel

What does ePic do today for your peers?