Simplifying Trade Compliance and Monitoring

In the Utility and Energy domain, continuous and complex changes in guidelines and protocols are the norm. Every organization is required to comply with statutory, regulatory, or internal compliances, laws, regulations, set out by CFTC, FERC, FSA, FTC, SEC, and other regulatory bodies. It is in this context that ePic saves the day as an automated Compliance Monitoring platform that gives you an overall view of your compliance and acts as a risk mirror for your organization.

ePic helps you meet current compliance monitoring demands while being capable of accommodating future changes as well.

Important challenges faced by businesses today

Brings down the report availability time to minutes and hours from days Automated reports are available before start of the business day Generate intraday reports that help in making corrective decisions
Transparency in definition of violation conditions as against black box situation in manual process Controlled access to vital information & associated auditsData can be protected, all edits can be tracked with exhaustive audit

Key Features


Built-in integration to the CTRM / ETRM systems. Powerful API and ETL engine. Integrated with Identity Access Management software like SailPoint, CyberArk, etc.

Issue Escalation

Out-of-the-box issue escalation matrix to define trader and manager hierarchy. Violations entered by traders get automatically notified to their managers.

Auto Email

Built in mechanism to automatically generate reports and attach them to system generated emails with a summary.

Custom Reporting

Excel template reporting to create automated reporting in the same format that you require. Reporting in BI tools like PowerBI, Tableau, etc. End reports available in several formats like excel file, delimited file, pdf file, etc.

User Defined

Maintain all the custom mapping tables in ePic application. Create multiple sets with different applicable dates. Details audit present on all the changes done in the mapping tables. Ability to lock the mapping data.

Validations &
Business Rules

Create validation & business rules as required. High transparency. Easily update the business logic and validation logic.

Locking Sensitive

Prevent data and mappings from getting overwritten once the reports are finalized.


Automated workflow integration with workflow management software like Wrike

SOX Compliant

Provides detailed audit trail on the configuration changes and mapping data changes. Highly controlled role-based security framework

Trade Compliance Solutions by ePic

Wash Trades Detection

  • Three categories of wash detection – exact match, tolerance-based match, and potential wash trades
  • Customize business rules as your journal entry requirements
  • Generate automated reports in the desired formats
  • Feed to your GL systems without directly interacting to them
Case Study

TICs Reporting

  • Shows nearly all the flows of money into and out of the U.S, for purchases and sales of U.S. Securities and financial instruments
  • Reports purchases and sales of long-term securities by foreign-residents

Trader Limits

  • Monitoring of volume, dollar value, term, duration and aggregate value limits against new and updated trades done during a day
  • Monitoring is done intraday and end of day
  • Automatic emails are generated to traders and their managers for trade violations
  • Historical limit maintenance of trader limits for future reference
Case Study

FTR Loss Leading Analysis

  • Allow market participants to exploit arbitrage opportunities arising when day-ahead electricity prices are predictably higher or lower than expected real-time prices
  • Unprofitable virtual transactions like FTR are used to enhance value of related positions
  • Our model studies the cross-product manipulation, and evaluate its effects on price convergence and other market outcomes using numerical simulations

Trade Validation & De Minimis

  • Pull transactions to be reported by self and the respective counterparties
  • Ability to download SDR data using external adapters
  • Reconcile transactions to be reported by counterparty with the SDR download
  • Calculate gross effective notional amount for rolling 12-month transactions
  • Capture violations on notional volume against configurable thresholds

Broker Reconciliation

  • Easily reconcile the data coming from various sources and store it into centralized database
  • Perform custom checks on parameters like price, quantity, etc
  • Capture and store data from FCM firms provided in the form or csv, excel files and perform account level reconciliation
  • Generate ‘EOD position & trade reconciliation’, ‘fee reconciliation’, ‘intraday reconciliation’
  • Get custom UI app to view the side-by-side comparison for all reconciliation.

Other Reports

  • Date variance report
  • Trader not equal to book owner
  • Day 1 gain/loss reporting
  • End of day monitoring with violation emails being sent to traders and their respective managers