Bringing digital transformation to the Accounting world

With increasing market and customer demands, growing regulatory complexity, and rising internal expectations, businesses are continuously looking for new strategies to cut back-office costs and improve efficiency. Deploying more resources to address increasing transaction volumes is no longer a sustainable solution. With staff mired in mundane, low-value tasks, engagement is on the decline at a time when focusing on analysis and increased productivity is more important than ever.

ePic delivers key tools and a multi-processing engine that will capture, manage, store, and deliver all critical data and information for today’s back-office requirements. ePic is a versatile web-based solution that allows for tremendous flexibility, adaptability, and ease of use.

ePic can be instrumental in meeting current industry requirements including comprehensive business continuity planning and strict adherence to legal and compliance standards.

Today’s enterprise is dealing with increasingly intricate accounting processes marred with complex challenges

Several accounting teams with different procedural processes Minimal data transparency on how calculations are derivedAccurately compute the fair value of Derivatives transactions in the portfolio
Manually processing data and reporting it Multiple data sources with different sets of filters Limited security on recorded data

Key Features


Built-in integration to CTRM / ETRM systems and ERP / Accounting systems. Powerful API and ETL engine. Integrated with Identity Access Management software like SailPoint, CyberArk, etc.

Manual Adjustments

Built-in Adjustment module to adjust the trade/data records. Customized validation and approvals before finalization. Load adjustments directly to ERP systems. Set discontinue date for adjustments if required.

General Ledger

Built-in GL Panel to track, post, and cancel GL entries directly from ePic. Make REST calls to any underlying GL systems, or trigger any custom utility to perform any action, like creating delimited files, etc.

Custom Reporting

Continue to receive user-defined excel report format automatically from the system. Reporting in BI tools like PowerBI, Tableau, etc. End reports are available in several formats like excel, delimited, pdf file, etc.

User Defined

Maintain all the custom mapping tables. Create multiple sets for different applicable dates. Detail audit present on all the changes done in the mapping tables. Ability to lock the mapping data.

Validations &
Business Rules

Create validation & business rules as required. High transparency. Easily update the business logic and validation logic. Keep your business rules audit-friendly.

Locking Accounting

Prevent data and mappings from being overwritten post report finalization. Ability to lock accounting period preventing backdated data manipulation. Rights-driven access to unlock the accounting periods.


Automated workflow integration with project management software like Wrike. Build your complete approval mechanism in the service of your choice. ePic will generate tasks automatically and assign approvals.

SOX Compliant

A detailed audit trail on configuration and mapping data changes. Highly controlled role-based security framework. Different workgroups for different teams to control visibility and access across teams.

Accounting Solutions by ePic

Financial Close Process

  • Easily integrate data with disparate systems (ETRM, accounting, FCM statements, standalone data files)
  • Centralized staging data at the most granular level
  • Customize business rules as per your journal entry requirements
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  • Calculation of fair value of assets – including those required under ASC 815 and ASC 820
  • Improve data accuracy, increase productivity, and optimize SEC compliance
  • Abiding by current sec protocols
  • Manage 10-QS, 10-KS, and more with a single, robust solution

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Master Reconciliation

  • Generate consolidated master reconciliation report that visualizes, for a given accounting month or quarter, the flow of accounting data from the ETRM system right up to the general ledger account and SEC disclosure report
  • A powerful reconciliation tool enabling a detailed analysis of the effect of various exclusions and manual adjustments

Balance Sheet Netting

  • Automate the reclass process for FIN39 and FIN41 netting
  • Maintain master list of reclass accounts to various balance sheet line items in the system
  • Customize logic to determine the accounts that qualify for the netting
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General Ledger Upload

  • Directly integrate epic with your general ledgers like SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle Financials, or other systems like Intacct
  • Create a warehouse for all your accounting data with customizable checks and balances
  • Leverage the in-built GL panel to view the general ledger records with the ability to post or unpost them after approval
  • Host the entire journal entry preparation process in the application or just use it for the general ledger integration

Manual Adjustments

  • Process all the manual adjustments for your enterprise in a single application
  • Use dedicated manual adjustments module from the application to stage, validate, approve and finalize the adjustments
  • See details data (if available) for the manual adjustments on the same screen


  • Pull EOM data from Position Manager Database and modelled instrument prices from finance database
  • Automate the calculation of accrual entries based on the modeled prices on the first day of the month and booking them to transaction manager system


  • Ability to pull the entire deal as it is and provide it in an editable view to the users
  • Create daily, weekly, monthly amortization schedules for the deal as per the requirement
  • Store the amortization schedule in a separate locked view
  • Ability to modify the deal before the beginning of the deal period as well as in between the deal period; pending amortization schedule gets updated accordingly
  • Ability for specific users to discontinue / delete the amortization deal
  • Auto-posting to GL system for all the deals for the current day / month

Broker Reconciliation

  • Easily reconcile and store the data coming from various sources into a centralized database
  • Perform custom checks on parameters like price, quantity, etc.
  • Capture and store data from FCM firms provided in the form of CSV, Excel files, and perform account-level reconciliation

Span Margin Reconciliation

  • Calculate span margin for ICE and CME using PC Span and ICE Span utilities
  • Fetch broker statements and archive its data in the application local database
  • Compare the calculated span margins with the broker statements and flag discrepancies at account and product level
  • Generate user-friendly reports to easily drill down on the errors